The VIP slot includes:
1) Quick join – no more waiting in queue
2) Balancerwhitelist – no “in round” swap/ balancing
3) 2x votepower for the votekick /-ban and votemap plugins
4) Whitelisted/ protected against votekick /-ban !
5) Whitelisted for latency manager – no high ping kick

6) If available for the server you have access to the spectator slot(s) 

7) Some more little features (fe. player informations…)

8) You can use !lead in-game to become instantly the squad leader

9) You can use !assist to switch and help the losing team

10) Access to a special Discord room for VIP´s with quicker response and help for your game related problems and questions (please send us a message cause it is not an automatism and we add you to the “supporter” role).

A) Your VIP slot does not allow you to break the rules. You will get the same treatment as other players. If you’re already punished (kicks, bans etc) you’re not able to get those punishments deleted by buying a VIP-slot..
B) VIP slot doesn’t have any positive effects on your server-reputation!
C) Please note: It may take some time to activate your VIP slot as it’s not an automatism, we will change your status ASAP though!
D) We feel free to make changes on our servers like more or less slots or at least to close a server.
E) If you buy a VIP slot it counts mostly for more than one server. Please read the product- description carefully so you don´t have to buy a VIP slot for each server!
F) You confirm to accept our privacy policy and imprint informations. The payment is non-refundable!

Payment Options:
You can pay with PayPal. If you don´t have a PayPal account yet, you can pay with Credit Card via PayPal
If you can´t pay with Paypal and need another payment option (for example Paysafecard), please contact us!

Gemäß §19 UStG wird keine Umsatzsteuer berechnet.